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Ethical Products for the Whole Family

At Open Coconut our products are always made Vegan, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free, and all natural for your deliciously Good-For-You, Plant Based, and Health Conscious products. Open coconut guarantees consistency, great taste, and use of sustainable and socially responsible farming practices to produce and manufacture our coconut products.

Enriching the body, mind, and the community. Our company mission is to empower farmers and women by solving problems with unique and clean, innovative products creating long lasting jobs for the community, and leaving the earth a little greener. So you can feel good about where your coconut comes from.

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Our technology was created in 2007 and perfected over the years. Our brand was born to bring coconut water and all the raw materials of the coconut to customers throughout the world.

Building a Better Future

Striving to lower our environmental impact, we focus on sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, agroforestry and intercropping practices, and zero waste commitments.

Unique Ingredient Solutions

Snack Without Regret!

Our coconut chips are baked, not fried, and they are sweetened with our coconut honey so you don't have to worry about a sugar spike. MCT oil delivered from natural coconut helps with weight loss, appetite control, gives extra energy for workouts, and extra energy for the brain.

Our Factory

Our state of the art factory is located in the heart of Tamil Nadu, India, where we produce the best quality coconut products in the region. It is our passion to produce unique, plant-based ingredients from the treasures of the coconut palmtree to share with consumers around the world.



We know the importance of cultivating a symbiotic relationship. That’s why we plant crops like cacao and mango near our coconut trees to increase coconut fruit yields by up to 50%.

We also plant Australian peanut shrubs to prevent weeds from growing that would otherwise suck out the life in our coconut trees.

Placing coconut husks near the trees acts as a fertilizer and gives snakes a place to live. The snakes help, pro­tect our trees by eating pests.

Coconut palm trees have a low impact on earth's eco­system They're grown naturally with no fertilizer and only require the water provided by rain. Most trees live over 80 years and! for the most part, are not affected by insects; thus do not require any pesticides! 


By using naturally growing, fruit producing trees & bushes we eliminate the need to clear land, which in turn promotes biodiversity! This allows for all species natural to the environment to continue to thrive. We don’t introduce foreign non-native species to the area either, which again supports biodiversity. 

Our farming partners own land in the middle of natural jungles. By allowing us to plant cacao, mango and Australian Peanut next to the coconut palm trees, farmers are seeing up to a 50% greater yield in the output of coconuts per tree as well as a coconut that is on average, 20% larger.

Our farmers avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers which in turn preserves the biodiversity of local areas, increases soil fertility, maintains the groundwater quality and health of the local community.